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Storefactory Scented Candle 220 g - Linnelakan
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Storefactory Scented Candle 220 g - Linnelakan

Scented Candle "Linnelakan". Stylish scented candle in beautiful white glass with the text "LINNELAKAN" and "220 g". The candle has a mild and fresh scent of linen sheet. Delivered in a nice gift box in cardboard with lid in plate, which can be used for storing small things. Available in two different sizes. 220 g. Burning time ~ 35 hours.

Wonderful scented candles with nice names that make you dream away for a while.

Before lighting the candle, remove it from the package and cut the wick to approximately 5 mm. Never leave a lighted candle unattended. Set the candle on a surface that can withstand heat. Do not move a lighted candle as the glass can get hot. Only light the candle for 2 hours at a time.

Content: 220 g Soy wax and perfume

Item no: 10262
Brand: Storefactory
Size: Height 10.5 cm, diameter 8 cm
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