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Majas Bowl Kärlek & Fika - Offwhite
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Majas Bowl Kärlek & Fika - Offwhite

Majas Bowl "Kärlek & Fika". Lovely stoneware bowl with text "Gofika Glädje Kärlek & Fika GÖR DET GODA LIVET GOTT Vardagsmys gemenskap UMGÅS & ÄTA". Matt offwhite exterior and glossy inside, with hand-embossed pattern. Perfect as a breakfast bowl or a bowl for candy and desserts etc. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Included in the serie Kärlek & Fika.

Note The pattern and the text are hand embossed and immersed in the surface so that some patterns and texts may vary in visibility and sharpness.

For every sold bowl Majas Cottage donate 10% of the purchase price to Barncancerfonden.

Item no: 11216
Brand: Majas Cottage
Color: Offwhite
Material: Stoneware
Size: Diameter 13 cm, height 7 cm
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