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Majas Candle Holder Kärlek & Fika - Grey
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Majas Candle Holder Kärlek & Fika - Grey

Majas Candle Holder "Kärlek & Fika". Beautiful candle holder with matt grey exterior and silvery inside. Inspirational text that forms a heart "UMGÅS & ÄTA Gofika fest BAKA CAFÉ kvällsfika TE & Recept efterrätt gemenskap KAFFE Påtår Espresso KRYDDOR glädje mat Kärlek & Fika GÖR DET GODA LIVET GOTT smörgåsbord KALAS tapas CAFÉ MORGONKAFFE Smaker paus KAKFAT MATLAGNING sött buffé MUMS brunch BARISTA frukost mys NJUTA".

Included in the serie Kärlek & Fika.

Wonderful Majas Lyktor Candle Holders are designed to make a difference in the fight against childhood cancer and to bring hope, joy and comfort. For every sold votive Majas Cottage donate 10% of the purchase price to Barncancerfonden.

The lantern is foiled and can therefore not resist water but can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Item no: 11222
Brand: Majas Cottage
Material: Strong glass with reinforced bottom
Size: 10 x 12 cm
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