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Gift Angels
Gift Angels
Gift angels is a serie with little angels who cherish life's precious gifts.
Majas Wall Candle Holder Mandala
A beautiful metal candlestick for the wall with mandala-pattern
Majas Ceramic Lanterns
Majas Ceramic Lanterns
Beautiful candle lanterns in ceramics with hearts, for warm lights.
Fika - the swedish way of having a coffee
Fika - the swedish way of having a coffee
Smycka by KLINTA
Smycka by KLINTA
Nice gift for a friend or yourself with a massage candle / scented candle and jewelry in one.
Trays from Mellow Design
Trays from Mellow Design
Here you will find trays, glass bases, wooden boards and more. with nice and funny messages and texts.
Umbrella in stylish and cheerful design that illuminates life in the rain.
Kärlek & Fika from Majas Cottage
Kärlek & Fika
The wonderful serie Kärlek & Fika from Majas Cottage, sold in favor of Barncancerfonden.
JaBaDaBaDo has fun and colorful toys, interior design for children's rooms and products for children's birthday parties.
Outlet 50-75%
Outlet 50-75%
We sell out parts of our store to make room for new items!


Finsmakeriet Pepparkakor Årets färg 2020 Vit - Liten 45 g
Finsmakeriet Pepparkakor Årets färg 2020 Vit - Stor 430 g
Adventsstjärna Anna Star Natur - 45,5 cm
Adventsstjärna Anna Star Natur - 68 cm
Supersnodden - Dark Purple/Mörklila
Hårsnodd Alexa - Light Beige/Ljusbeige
Hårsnodd Alexa - Dusty Rose/Dimrosa
Hårsnodd Alexa - Dusty Blue Grey/Dimblå-grå
Hårsnodd Alexa - Mole/Mullvad
Hårsnodd Alexa - Hunter
Hårsnodd Alexa - Red/Röd
Hårsnodd Alexa - Biking Red/Röd

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Here you can find a lovely mix of home decor and interior design in beautiful rural, trendy, modern and shabby chic style. We also have retro, vintage, New England and the industrial style, a great range online and several well-known brands. Get inspired with us when you decorate your home or find gifts. Welcome!

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