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Stick of Sealing Wax - Red
Stick of Sealing Wax - Red
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Stick of Sealing Wax - Red

Stick of Sealing Wax, Red. Stick of sealing wax in red for the Christmas presents. Make beautiful package wrapping like in the old days when there was no tape and you sealed the packages with wax. Made of shellac and resin from coniferous trees. Contains no paraffin or oil products. Wax seal stamp can be purchased separately.

The sealing wax becomes soft by heating the tip of the sealing wax stick over a candle (not directly in the flame as it can easily become sooty). When it starts to melt, place the sealing wax stick against the object you want to seal and spread an appropriate amount of sealing wax. Then press a wax seal stamp quickly against the soft sealing wax. Allow the polish to cool for a few seconds, then remove the seal stamp.

Item no: 19086
Brand: Bromma Kortförlag
Color: Red
Material: Shellac
Size: Length 22 cm
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In stock
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