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Jennys Porridge Santa
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Jennys Porridge Santa

Jennys Porridge Santa. A lovely classic Santa sitting down and eating porridge with the Swedish text "GOD JUL".

The Santa is created by Marita Lord with inspiration from Jenny Nyström's Christmas cards.

Jenny Nyström was an artist who interpreted the supernatural essence of people belief in the late 1800s. On the basis of the general idea of "gårdvaren", she created the dwarf Christmas gift distributor, who loves rice porridge. Following the illustrations for Viktor Ryderg's book "Tomten", Jenny's and Swedish people's Santa Claus (Jultomte) was born.

Jenny Nyström has painted thousands of Christmas cards and her Christmas illustrations became an image for all Swedish people of how a Merry Christmas would look and be celebrated.

Item no: 15693
Brand: Cult Design
Material: Earthenware
Size: 9 x 7 x 12 cm
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