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Angel of Gratitude
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Angel of Gratitude

Angel of Gratitude. I am the angel who stands for gratitude and inner peace. I come to show you all the wonderful things you have around you and help you appreciate all that you have actually accomplished. Let me remind you to stop sometimes and remember all the good things life has given you!

A cute and charming gift angel with gold-colored angel wings holding a bouquet of blue flowers. These figures are nice decorations. A nice gift! Comes in a nice gift box with a card that contains information about the angel and where you can write a greeting to the recipient. Hand painted.

Designed by Stina Jarenskog.

Swedish original design of high quality.

Gift angels / "Gåvoänglar" is a serie with little angels who cherish life's precious gifts. Place the angel visible so ishe can remind you of all your blessings and to take the time to enjoy every day. Each angel carries a special message.

Item no: 15645
Brand: Nääsgränsgården
Material: Polyresin
Size: Height 8 cm
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