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Klinta Scented Massage Candle Love is love
Klinta Scented Massage Candle Love is love
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Klinta Scented Massage Candle Love is love

Klinta Scented Massage Candle "Love is love". The candle has the scent Hallon & Lime / Raspberry & Lime, a lovely scent of sweetly sour raspberries in combination with top notes of musk and vanilla with fresh undertones of lime and lemon. The candle comes in a nice gift box with a rainbow and has a nice text on both the box and the glass "love is love".

Included in the serie "Bara någonting litet", which is the perfect choice of gift when you just want to give away something small. A nice gift for the hostess, friend, colleague, someone you love or want to show your appreciation for. There are many reasons for spreading a little everyday light and as the finishing touch you can combine it with a warming message. The candles "Bara någonting litet" are available in 24 different designs and messages.

Wonderful vegan scented candles that also work as massage oil. The candle burns evenly and beautifully without soot. Food approved 50% recycled glass. When the candle burns up, the glass can be used as a small drinking glass or a small vase. A nice gift. Burning time ~ 18 h if only used as a scented candle.

These candles contain exactly the same ingredients as all Klinta candles. The candle is made from organic soy wax and European rapeseed oil from renewable sources. Then essential oil or fragrance oil intended for skin care is added. Bara någonting litet-candles have the scent of Bärnsten & Tonkaböna / Amber & Tonka Bean, Bubbel & Rosa Grapefrukt / Bubbly & Pink Grapefruit or Prosecco & Vanilj / Prosecco & Vanilla. Environmentally friendly, completely vegetable candle that is not tested on animals.

How to use a massage candle:
Light the candle and wait a few minutes so that a pool of oil is collected on the surface. Then dip your finger in the vegetable oil. Massage into the skin.

Fragrance: Hallon & Lime / Raspberry & Lime

Item no: 14966
Brand: Klinta
Size: Diameter 5 cm, height 6 cm
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