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Decor Birds

Decorate your home with beautiful decor birds! Here you can find lovely birds in different materials and colors, which are lovely decorations. We have birds on a stick to stick in a flower pot and with clips to attach eg in a branch or in a flower. Hanging birds fit well in Easter decorations and standing birds are cute on the window sill among the flowers. Decor Birds with feathers are nice to decorate a bird cage with and birds with magnets can sit atop a metal lantern. White birds are perfect for wedding decorations.

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Bullfinches Mini

Bullfinches Mini

3-set. 6 x 3.5 x 4,5 cm.
Metal Bird Stick

Metal Bird Stick

Black with white. 7 x 3 + 14 cm.
Metal Owl Stick

Metal Owl Stick

White. 3 x 2 + 14 cm.
Bird in metal

Bird in metal

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