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Bowl Set Mynte 3 pcs - Pure White
Bowl Set Mynte 3 pcs - Pure White
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Bowl Set Mynte 3 pcs - Pure White

Bowl Set Mynte 3 pcs, Pure White. Oven-safe set with 3 pcs of bowls in different sizes, in pure white stoneware with ribbed exterior and creamy white interior. Nice serving bowls and baking bowls!

The Mynte serie from Ib Laursen is a popular high-quality kitchen serie. The products are available in many different designs and colors. The Mynte serie is dishwasher, oven, microwave safe and can be placed in the freezer.

Item no: 2523
Brand: Ib Laursen
Material: Stoneware
Large bowl - Height 14 cm, diameter 26 cm
Medium bowl - Height 12 cm, diameter 22.5 cm
Small bowl - Height 10 cm, diameter 18 cm
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