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Tea Glad Påsk
Tea Glad Påsk
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Tea Glad Påsk

Tea Glad Påsk from Klaras Goda Presenter. Lovely tea with the taste of rhubarb and cream, in a nice gold-colored package with a black front and gold details. The package / bag has a nice motif of an Easter rooster, chickens, three small gold hearts and the swedish text "Glad Påsk! Påskte En god kopp te". A nice gift! Contains about 90 g of rhubarb / cream tea.

A beautiful gift package designed by artist Annica Petterson.

Ingredients: Black tea, aromas (with taste of rhubarb and cream), rhubarb pieces.

Best before: 02 01 2023.

Item no: 18022
Brand: Klaras Goda Presenter
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