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Uyuni Lighting

Here you can find Uyuni Lighting. Create atmospheric lighting indoors with the natural-looking battery-powered lights Uyuni from Piffany Copenhagen!

The LED-candles have a very realistic light. The pillar candles and crown candles / taper candles are made from an outer layer of white wax that makes the lights resemble a real candle. Light flickering LED light with patented 3D flame. The wick does not move but it looks like it is flames inside it. Decorative battery lights with timer (built-in 6 hours). ON position and timer position on the underside. All Premium Leds are dimmable with remote control that can be purchased separately. The remote control gives you more features and can control all Premium LEDs from Uyuni at the same time.

Don't worry if you forgot to turn off the light or if children or pets come too close to the light.

Enjoy a cozy light without the release of harmful chemicals.

The UYUNI Lighting candles are available in tealights, pillar candles and crown candles / taper candles.

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Remote UYUNI LED Candles

Remote UYUNI LED Candles

9 x 3.9 x 0.7 cm.
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